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Why us?

Why us?

The Vision

Alphanome.AI isn’t just another fintech player. We're laying the foundation for the next era of investment infrastructure, and our vision stretches beyond the next quarter or fiscal year.

What we are looking?

We are in search of permanent capital partners who resonate deeply with our vision. We envision this not merely as a transactional investment but as a genuine, collaborative partnership. We aren't looking for a short-term stake with a predetermined exit; rather, we seek partners who view this journey as a shared long-term commitment, devoid of fixed timelines or exit pressures.

Why Permanent Capital?

We're not seeking funds for mere survival or a quick sprint to a next round. The synthesis of AI and investing is a space brimming with potential, yet it requires patience, unwavering commitment, and the fortitude to withstand market ebbs and flows. With permanent capital:

  • Long-term R&D: We can plunge deeper into research, unearthing innovations that might not yield immediate returns but have the potential to redefine investment tools for generations. For instance, advancements in Causal AI could transform financial modeling and risk assessment, while neurosymbolic cognitive AI models can integrate deep learning with symbolic reasoning, enhancing prediction accuracy. Additionally, the exploration of decentralized finance data marketplace might pave the way for democratized financial systems. By focusing on long-term R&D, we position ourselves at the vanguard of these emerging fields, ready to harness their potential as they mature.

  • Stability: Amidst the fast-paced tech and finance world, permanent capital grants us an island of stability, ensuring sustained growth.

  • Aligned Interests: We want partners, not just investors.


The Advantage

  • Open-Source: We're democratizing AI-based investing. Our open-source model ensures transparency, collaboration, and the continuous refinement of our tools.

  • Expert Team: A blend of financial experts, data scientists, and tech innovators.

  • Global Footprint: Our tools are universal, with adaptability across markets and regions.

The Invitation to #OpenSourceWallstreet

We aren't offering you just an investment opportunity. Join us in sculpting the future of AI-based investing, where our combined commitment and belief in the long game will yield unparalleled results. 

Join our Discord and check us out at GitHub to see what we are working on. And we just launched TheSEC.AI V1 that is step towards automated AI financial analyst. 

Let’s Work Together

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